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"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16



Michelle Ohara

“My name is Michelle and I am excited to participate in my first mission trip to Nicaragua! I am a registered nurse and volunteer through my church and community. I am excited to bring my expertise, compassion for people, and love of God to all those we will encounter!”

John Ramirez

“John has been serving the church as an Audio Visual Tech for over 16 years. He has partnered with Golden Heart Dove to use his talents locally and globally.”

Fabian Ramirez

Fabian is Nicaraguan by heritage and has family in Nicaragua. Fabian has went on several Nicaragua missions trips and was able to meet with distant relatives on his maternal grandparents' sides of the family.


Scott Dixon has travelled around the world, both participating in and documenting missionary causes through film. Since 2014, Scott has been blessed to lead numerous mission trips and partner with the Nicaraguan Adiact Children's Program.

Scott Dixon
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Dina Hebbert

Dina Hebbert is a native born Nicaraguan and has a passion for helping children throughout the country. Dina's hope is someday she will be serving in Nicaragua on a full-time basis.

Nicaragua Partners:

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The Nicaragua Adiact Children's Program is a Golden Heart Dove Foundation ministry. All donations will be processed through the Golden Heart Dove Foundation which is an IRS registered (501c3) Nonprofit. If you have any queries regarding the Golden Heart Dove Foundation, the foundation's fund management policy, or the projects the foundation supports, please feel free to contact the foundation at


First Christian Church of Palo Alto will be sending a team to Nicaragua to work with a ministry team in Tipitapa on a community project and Leon to creating sustainable vegetable garden for the children's feeding program.



Nicaragua (Managua & León)

08/03/2023 - 08/11/2023

Thank you for considering a donation toward the Adiact Children's Program


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