Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Matthew 28:19

Welcome to Palo Alto First Christian Church!

New Message Series

Join us as we dive in 1 & 2 Peter and explore themes such as love, hope, grace, purity, holiness, marriage, victory, humility, and others.


Sunday Service: 10:30am

Fellowship Time: Right After Service

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Pastor Dan McClure on how

"Love is Not Blind"

2 Peter 1

Date: Sunday, 10/13/2019

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From the Pastor

My family and I would like to welcome you to PAFCC. I’m Pastor Dan and I am blessed to be called to both this profession and this amazing church. I’m a 3rd generation Bay Area native; I’ve been      married to Annette for 14 years, and have two amazing kids - Sierra and Cayden . I’ve been a pastor at PAFCC since October 2015.


You will quickly discover the warmth and friendliness of this entire church family. We are a body of    regular people striving to follow the King of kings through His teachings, His example, His grace, power, and truth. You will also find the benefits of a small church with a heart to impact the world     through the Good News. It is my hope that even as we continue to grow in numbers that we              maintain the small church culture of strong family, faith, and friendship.


Dear Church Family,

I hope this email finds you blessed in Christ Jesus. On Sunday I shared a sneak peek into 2020 and reviewed our Statement of Calling and our four pillars:


As a healthy church family, we seek to share the love, peace, joy, and hope of a fulfilled life of faith in Jesus Christ, bringing Holy Spirit-inspired solutions that change the world.



Healthy Church Family

Serving the Poor

Global Impact

Children & Youth


Our theme for 2020 is "Making an Impact." We will let our Statement of Calling and our Four Pillars guide us next year as we reach out to our local and global community and set a course for what God has for our church family.


Please mark your calendar for Friday November 15th at 7:00PM as we invite our friend Juan Pacheco, from Nicaragua, to share how to make an impact in a developing country. PAFCC is sponsoring Juan's visit to Palo Alto. Pastor Juan will also be sharing Sunday morning Nov. 17th during our worship service.


Throughout 2020 we will be dedicating our 3rd Sundays to each of our four pillars. I am excited to see how God uses these Sundays to shine light in our community - starting with Juan Pacheco's visit next month!

I pray your week is filled with Holy Spirit-inspired solutions!



Massive blessings,

Pastor Dan

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